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What to Expect From a Reading

Generally a complete reading will last 90 minutes and 120 minutes if a relationship chart is added to be analyzed. If you have specific questions or areas you want to focus on you can request that beforehand to make sure those issues will be covered in greater detail than usual. A full set of printed charts are used for analysis and are given to you to keep for your own use. Notes are made on the charts for important dates and time periods so that you may use them for future planning if you wish. Many people will take notes during the session as there is quite a lot of information given and it is easy to forget it all!


A typical astrological reading will start with examining the birth chart, which shows every planetary position in every sign of the zodiac at the moment of birth. This is very helpful to get insight into the basic composition of the personality; our most powerful needs, motivating factors, strengths, weaknesses, where we are lucky and unlucky and so forth. If the time of birth is fairly accurate, then a chart will reveal a lot about the different areas of our lives. Career and achievement can be seen for example by looking at the 10th house (top of the chart), or long term relationships can be seen from the 7th house and so on. 


After the birth chart is looked at, then the major life trends are assessed using a astrological technique know as “Secondary Progressions”. The way these types of charts work is that the planetary positions a certain number of days after birth will show what the year will be like that corresponds to that day. For example, the 20th day of your life will provide a map for what the 20th year of your life will be like. These charts can be amazingly accurate when it comes to the timing of major life events. Depending on what you prefer, the past can be looked at to see why big shifts occurred at certain times, and of course the future too to see what's to be expected and where you may have ease or challenges to look forward to.


Lastly, the current planetary “Transits” are looked at to reinforce and try to confirm some of the trends seen in the Progressed chart. Transits can be quite helpful for planning things in one's life; picking a good day for a job interview, when to get married or when relationships might be rocky, when to start a business, have kids and so on. Then time is left for any discussion or follow up questions that you might have about your charts.

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