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  • Joe Gauthier

How does the full or new moon affect me?

Ask any emergency room hospital worker or a police officer if the full moon effects people and see what they say. Most will emphatically agree things are a little bit crazy (the word "lunatic" derived from the word lunar) to say the least. So, knowing that, will the full or new moon affect my life? Well, as always, it depends.

Emergency rooms will consistently see an uptick in activity due to the full moon because it only takes 5% or 10% of the local population to be affected to cause a noticeable increase (for those workers). The other 90% or 95% of people might have quite routine experiences at that time and not notice anything. So if you want to know the moon cycles will affect you then check the position of the moon with your birth chart. You can use one of the many free online chart calculators ( is a good one) and find out all of the planetary positions at the exact time of your birth. If the moon falls on the same degree of the zodiac as a planet in your birth chart, you will have an eventful full/new moon day.

You can also check the house position of the moon and sun (for a new moon they will be in the same house, a full moon they will be in opposite houses) to see what area of your life will be affected. For example, if they fall in your 2nd/8th houses, then it will relate to financial matters, if in the 1st/7th house it will affect relationships.

The sign that the moon is full or new in will also characterize the manifestation of its energy; Scorpio would make for deep intense experiences, Leo would be good for creative endeavors, Sagittarius for travel or learning. If we had many birth planets in Taurus for example, then a full moon in Taurus would be likely to be an eventful time for us. If we had no strong Taurus placements in our birth chart then it wouldn't be as noticeable.

New moon energy is a good time to initiate things; new projects, friendships, travel plans etc... Full moons tend to be active times and when previous plans come to fruition. Full moon times also tend to be energized if we have strong moon energy in our birth chart.


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