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  • Joe Gauthier

Why were things so crazy in 2020?

The dumpster fire we have been calling 2020 was in many ways predictable due to the Saturn and Pluto conjunction which was exact on January 12th. This conjunction only happens 3 times a century, and has always heralded powerful changes (Pluto) in how power in our society is organized and structured (Saturn). It was active at the start the civil war, WW1, the end of WW2, and the fall if the Berlin wall.

In addition to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn; Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury were also in the same sign making the equivalent of a cosmic train wreck which hasn't been seen for some time. The last time Saturn and Pluto came together in the sign of Capricorn was during the bloody and tumultuous protestant revolution in the early 1500s. All of this heavy planetary energy has brought us an intense year with strong themes of control, fear, restriction, and authority.


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