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  • Joe Gauthier

Winter Solstice 2020

Today marks the winter solstice and the final transition to the age of Aquarius.

It's a particularly potent solstice because Jupiter and Saturn are also perfectly aligned on this day (only happens every 20 years) and they have just entered into the sign of Aquarius. This symbolizes the final transition into the new age of Aquarious which will last 2000 years. The previous age of Pisces lasted from around year 1 to the year 2000, with the last 50 years being a period of transition between these two eras.

What to expect moving forward? A move toward all things Aquarian; idealism, technology, the collective, separation, intellectualism, ground breaking discoveries.

We've already been seeing these developments in our society in many ways; the rise of big tech influencing all aspects of our daily life, the emphasis on the faceless collective over individual self determination with the gig economy (Air bnb, Uber), a loss of faith in traditional religion (Pisces) and a new secular intellectual idealism taking its place, and the internet simultaneously connecting us together yet making us feel more personally alienated. Most of all, this transition is a complete break from the past and the traditions that have defined humanity for thousands of years.


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