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Solar Eclipse

Meet Joe

Astrology Expert & Teacher with 10+ Years of Experience

Joe Gauthier has been studying astrology for over 10 years and emphasizes the western system of Tropical zodiac along with the Placidus house system in his methodology. The prominent astrologers who influence his approach to chart interpretation are Sue Tompkins, Robert Hand, David Cochrane and Julia and Eric Parker to name just a few...

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"Joe has a down to earth demeanor which makes exploring my natal chart and progressions with him both informative and enjoyable. He has simple way of explaining how the planets are positioned, their influence in key areas of my life, and how the energy of each drives my motivations, tendencies, and hesitations. I have come to enjoy this insight because it has helped me better understand why I do the things I do and the manner in which I do them. This information gives me areas to focus for self-improvement, compassion for others, and ways in which I can best contribute to humanity. Whatever questions you may have about your life, Joe can guide you through with his humor and vast understanding of your cosmic uniqueness. His readings have become my go-to special occasion gift for friends and loved ones."

Jill Krueger


“Astrology has always been something that I'm a bit skeptical about. Upon hearing from multiple people how amazing of an astrologer Joe is I decided what the heck I'll give it a go. Best decision I ever made. He is incredible. Going into my birth chart reading he knew nothing about me besides my date, exact time, and place of birth. He truly blew me away. He went into my past and knew exact times I had went through life changes (both positive and negative) and what parts of my life those events correlated with. In addition to hitting on my past he informed me a great deal of what I could expect in my future. There are aspect of my life I have always struggled with and he was able to peg those based off my birth chart and inform me of ways I could overcome them. Long-term committed relationships have always been difficult for me and this is something he strongly picked up on from my chart. He knows this is something I strive to improve and he told me of ways to overcome it and when the best times would be for me to form serious relationships. Overall it was a great help in understanding who I am and it gave me insight on periods of my life that I should be prepared for growth whether it be career, financial, spiritual, or relationship based. I have personally referred many friends to him who were all blown away with their readings as well. I would 100% recommend his services!

Laurel Bylin


"I had the pleasure to have an in person astrological reading done by Joe today and it was, without a doubt, life changing. He explained things in depth but in a way that I could understand. Areas that I'd always felt conflicted in suddenly made absolute sense. Joe definitely has a gift and is willing to share it on all levels, not to mention the fact that his energy is AMAZING!


I whole heartedly recommend Joe for all services available and will be following up with him in the future!"

Courtney Engevold


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