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Joe Gauthier has been studying astrology for over 10 years and emphasizes the western system of Tropical zodiac along with the Placidus house system in his methodology. The prominent astrologers who influence his approach to chart interpretation are Sue Tompkins, Robert Hand, David Cochrane and Julia and Eric Parker to name just a few.


He has been practicing and teaching astrology for the last few years in the Midwest and has recently started working in the Los Angeles area. Before Joe started practicing astrology, his formal training was as Buddhist meditation teacher. He engaged in intensive teacher training overseas in Asia and Europe for 12 years and was the resident teacher at a Buddhist Center in Iowa for over 10 years.


Joe believes that the main value of understanding one's birth chart and the fundamental planetary dynamics within it is it allows us to better understand the invisible filters of thought, motivation and emotional tendencies that influence every moment of our lives. The more we see what makes us tick, the more potential freedom we have to transcend our ordinary reactions to life and choose a better path to achieving what we want.

In addition to birth chart interpretation, he also uses planetary transits to get an accurate picture of the most current issues that are being dealt with in a person's life at any given moment, and how to best navigate those situations. He also has experience using predictive astrological techniques to know what will be happening in the months and years ahead in a client's life. Planetary transits as well as "Secondary Progressions" are used to see what major changes and themes are on the horizon and how to best prepare for them and maximize their potential.

Joe is also experienced in "Synastry", or comparing the charts of two people in a relationship. This is a highly useful technique that allows the individual to see the major themes and dynamics of any kind of close relationship such as a family member, partner, or business associate. This can help us figure out why our relationships are working well or not and the best approach to resolving any complications that may be arising. In addition to Synastry, he also uses the technique known as "Composite Midpoint Method" which creates a single synthesize chart for both people in the relationship. This method shows how a relationship is functioning overall and can also provide insights into communication, intimacy, financial affairs and more. Both Synastry and Composite charts can be used to see in advance whether a relationship will be difficult or easy and what kind of chemistry and compatibility can be expected.

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